It’s…lonely. To…be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow. To…be special and, and have to pretend you’re a fool. I know how it feels, i understand.

"Come on, Merlin - you've seen a dead body before."


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Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies 

Summary: In which Merlin is an adorable nerd and Arthur becomes a bit of an internet stalker. And everyone is on Tumblr.

Comment: The fact that the first paragraph described me perfectly made me love the story straight away! The relationship that Merlin and Arthur build up online is really sweet and fun, just like this whole story.

One picspam per episode → The Dragon’s Call

"How small you are for such a great destiny."


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Colin Morgan doing stretches in his 24 hour musicals celebrity gala outfit. 

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Omg Bradley… :)


He’s singing fucking David Bowie with his followers, oh my god. 

Anonymous whispered: he's gone mad hasn't he?! :O *squishes him*

I love his madness! I miss playful Bradley so so much….. :D


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Merlin and Arhur - random screencaps per day - day 98